We have proudly influenced discos, Music market & events for the past 15 years

We are a company who gathered experienced ghost producers from all over the world with decades of experience in the field of electronic music. We are professional musicians who actually make a living out of music, signed our own music to big labels labels, released records and enjoyed the club atmosphere to the fullest. This is why we know what you need and how to do it.

For many years, we have been focused on creating music for other DJs, Producers, Performers, Medias, Singers etc. Satisfied customers encouraged us to further promote our services and gave other Ghost Producers the opportunity to join our team!

Our producers are true professionals in their field, whose works have already been appreciated and won high positions in the largest digital stores selling electronic music and streaming services. All this gives us a great understanding of the relevance of the music content.

Thanks to our cooperation, most of our clients are already taking their first steps and building their career in the music industry. Our platform provides an opportunity to sell your tracks and earn money for producers who realize their creative potential. People who don’t have the time or experience (yet) to create their own tracks will easily find what they need from us.

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