What is ghost producing?

Ghost Production is when one or more composers and producers create a song for a 3rd party, whether it’s a DJ, Producer or other people who need it. Artists that choose to become a Ghost Producer usually don’t desire to be revealed and enjoy working for other artists. It’s a completely legal process and we as the provider guarantee the quality and the originality of the bought tracks.

It’s very beneficial to have another pair of ears to keep your artistic outcome fresh & diverse and also have your release pace higher than other individual artists. Also if you’re already a producer it will help you out of creativity drought and provides extra professional sounds & ideas to your artillery.

Benefits of ghost producing

  • Saving time (You will invest your saved time on marketing and promotion)
  • Diversifying your portfolio (Have music released in multiple genre & styles)
  • Have professionals hired without monthly payment
  • Move on the trends (Ghost producers are always observing the market)
  • Learning from the music projects
  • Get 100% of the legal rights to the music and make money from it
  • Make your way inside well known publishers and record labels
  • Create useful and beneficial contacts through labels and collaborations
  • Increase your release speed and always have fresh content on the market
  • Maintain your artistic growth with constantly releasing new music

What You Will Get

Mastered &  Unmastered Mix-down
Instrumental Mix (For Vocal Tracks)
Separated Stems
Midi Files
Project File (If available)
Contract & License Delivery